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This information has been revised and updated for GigaSpaces 6.X – please visit GigaSpaces for Hibernate ORM Users.
Summary: Using GigaSpaces together with Hibernate to access a database using complex SQL queries.


GigaSpaces Hibernate Cache support combines the value of both the GigaSpaces Cache and Hibernate O/R mapping. Hibernate users gain better performance and scalability without changing a single line of code. GigaSpaces users gain the rich database integration and O/R mapping functionality provided by Hibernate.
You may Use GigaSpaces together with Hibernate for applications that require accessing the database with complex SQL queries. Such queries employ an object interface that benefits from caching the results in object format. This format can then save the database access as well as the SQL row data into object conversion. The application can, simultaneously, utilize the GigaSpaces JavaSpaces API to provide parallel processing, data collaboration, and async/sync messaging services.

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