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GigaSpaces EDG is an In-Memory Data Grid solution that supports all common distributed topologies – including replicated, partitioned and high availability – but goes beyond traditional solutions, enabling data awareness on the Enterprise Grid without complex integration, and support for low-latency applications. EDG is a light edition of GigaSpaces' eXtreme Application Platform.

GigaSpaces EDG Overview
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Explore In-Memory Data Grid Functionality
EDG Documentation Contents

Data Grid Cluster Topologies

Common topologies supported by GigaSpaces EDG. You can also implement advanced custom topologies using GigaSpaces Cluster Configuration.

Integration with External Data Sources

Learn how the GigaSpaces In-Memory Data Grid automatically synchronizes with legacy data sources.

Persistency for In-Memory Data

GigaSpaces allows any Data Grid instance to persist its data to a database or indexed file – even at the object level.

Dynamic Provisioning of Data Grid Using Open Spaces

GigaSpaces provides the Open Spaces framework and the SLA-Driven container to dynamically provision Data Grid instances.

GigaSpaces Data Grid Concepts

Learn about the Generic Storage Adapter, the underlying implementation of GigaSpaces database integration, and space runtime modes such as embedded, remote and persistent.

Running Data Grid Instances Manually

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    Middleware Capabilities

    Configuration and Management

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