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Replication Gateway Operation Interceptor

The Replication Operation Interceptor provide hooks for tracing batch operations and transactions at the replication target gateway (sink). The Interceptor provides access to the different operations included in the batch or the transaction. Check also changes to the Mirror Behavior

Optimized Space Router

The Space Router was optimized for better performance. In addition, an improved space proxy configuration policy was introduced. User can now choose between Space side configuration that will apply to all clients or configuring specific clients with their own configuration. The new configuration scheme is more intuitive and allows the user to set major properties such as connection timeout.

Change to Default Write Operations Behavior

Write operations don't return previous value by default. This improves the latency of write operations.

Binary & Compressed Storage Types

Optimize performance with various storage modes for marshaled and un-marshaled data.

FIFO Groups

Ensure in-order and exclusive processing of events belonging to the same group, while parallelizing across groups.

Durable Notifications

Fully durable pub/sub messaging applying the replication mechanism and redo log to notification.

Durable & Transactional Local View

Fully durable local view, which support recovery from disconnections and offline mode, while maintaining full data consistency.

WAN Dynamic Topology API

Dynamically create and modify your multi-site replication topology.

Cloud Enablement

Deploy XAP with any other additional middleware tiers on any cloud environment.

App Dependencies

Deploy all your application modules with a single deployment unit using XAP CLI. ensuring order of deployment, recovery and unemployment.

Deployment Lifecycle Visibility

Track Cluster deployment and recovery using the web UI and Admin API.

Data Console

Query the In Memory Data Grid from your browser. Browse Grid types and partitions.


The following optimizations were introduced to core components and processes:

  • Improved LRMI soft reference buffering to avoid a lot of unneeded soft memory accumulation.
  • Timed based disconnection replication channel drop.
  • Reduce ReadWriteLock garbage memory overhead in transactions.

New GSM Events to reflect the deployment process

GSM deployment events were added to the admin API in order to provide better visibility during the deployment process. These events will be reflected in the Web UI in the last 9.0.0 milestone.

New ESM & GSM Alerts

New ESM and GSM Alerts were introduced to provide better visibility. The following alerts have been added:

  • System couldn't instantiate a machine
  • Not enough machines to sustain a processing unit
  • Could not start GSC
  • GSM could not deploy a certain instance

Async. Read support SQLQuery

Async Read and Take methods now support SQLQuery.

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