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h1. XAP Screencasts
[GigaSpaces XAP Premium - Single Platform. Complete Scalability.|]

[Real-Time Analytics for Big Data|!]

[Scalable Hello World|]

[Transactional Cross-Site Data Replication|]

[GigaSpaces XAP: Events|]

[Map/Reduce with GigaSpaces|]

[GigaSpaces XAP Query APIS: Same Data, Any API|]

[Demonstration of GigaSpaces XAP's JPA implementation|]

[GigaSpaces XAP WAN Bridge Screencast|]

[GigaSpaces XAP Query APIS: Same Data, Any API|]

[Remote Invocations with GigaSpaces XAP|]

[GigaSpaces XAP 8: Admin API|]

[GigaSpaces XAP: Administrative Events Screencast, updated|]

[GigaSpaces XAP: Web Application Support|]

[Document API Basics|]

[The Document API in Action|]

[XAP Maven Integration|]

[XAP Self Healing - GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform|]

[WEBINAR: Massively Scalable Real-Time Risk Analysis|]

[WEBINAR: Dynamically Scalable E-Commerce|]

h1. Cloudify Screencasts

[Cloudify Live Demo For Azure|]

[Cloudify on HP Cloud Services|]

[Cloudify for Azure Live Demo|]

[Cloudify Demo|]

[Cloudify Recipes Explained|]

[Easy On-Boarding of Mission-Critical Java Apps to the Azure Cloud|]